Posting the OSHA 300A

Did you know that hospitals are required to annually post a summary of the OSHA 300 form, which is the log of work-related injuries and illnesses that occurred at your hospital in the prior year?  

Every year between Feb. 1 and April 30, most employers are required to post the summary, which is called the OSHA 300A form, in an area where workers can access it at any time during their shift.

Posting the OSHA 300A is mandated by law, so if you’re unsure where it is, you can ask your manager or HR representative where its hiding.

It is up to us to review these summaries for accuracy. For example, if the one at your facility is stating there were a total of 60 injuries last year, and you happen to think that number is way off; you may want to take a look at the data supporting this number. (And, you have every right to ask and get that information).

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) compiles the information from these forms to report on workplace health and safety averages. OSHA and others analyze the BLS findings to determine what, if any, next steps should be taken.
If you are unable to find the 300A summary at your workplace, please inquire where they are. You can remind your employer of this law so that they stay compliant and you can stay well-informed. If you find out that the logs are hanging inside the CEO’s closet door in his or her locked office, that would NOT be considered being in compliance with the law and you should inform your Union rep as soon as you can.


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