This part of the SEIU Health and Safety website is all about who we are as champions of smart and safe work. This is where we get to show off a little about what all we've done with the hope other sisters and brothers will come forward to join us in our mission to make sure all of our work places are safe work places!

RI Dept. of Health Considering Mandatory Annual Flu Vaccine for Health Care Workers

1199 encourages all health care workers to get the flu vaccine, but we respect the fact that some people choose not to for health, personal, or religious reasons. Forcing these individuals to wear masks doesn’t make any sense. There’s no scientific evidence that surgical masks help prevent the spread of the flu, and those we care for could feel threatened or uncomfortable if their care givers are wearing masks.

SEIU Nurse Tells OSHA What’s What on Its 40th Anniversary

Cathy Stoddart, RN, BSN, Chair of the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare Policy and Politics Committee, and a staff nurse at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, took part in an informative and distinguished panel at the Center for American Progress (CAP) …