Opponents of Rhode Island’s Flu Shot Rule Ponder Challenge as Deadline Nears

Barring a challenge from unions and civil liberties advocates, health care workers in Rhode Island have until Dec. 15 to comply with a new state requirement that they get flu shots.

RI Dept. of Health Considering Mandatory Annual Flu Vaccine for Health Care Workers

1199 encourages all health care workers to get the flu vaccine, but we respect the fact that some people choose not to for health, personal, or religious reasons. Forcing these individuals to wear masks doesn’t make any sense. There’s no scientific evidence that surgical masks help prevent the spread of the flu, and those we care for could feel threatened or uncomfortable if their care givers are wearing masks.

Resource: Young Worker Safety and Health

In 2009, 359 workers less than 24 years of age died from work-related injuries, including 27 deaths of youth less than 18 years of age. For the 10 year period 1998 to 2007, there were an annual average of 795,000 nonfatal injuries to young workers treated in U.S. hospital injury departments.

Uniform Hazardous Materials Labeling and Safety Data Sheets Coming To Your Facility

 Would you rather have a root canal than read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)? Well some changes announced by Federal OSHA might brighten your day.

Recalled Vaccines: FAQs

RECALLThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a comprehensive website to respond to what it sees as the most frequently asked questions regarding recalled vaccinations. This brief piece will link you to the CDC page.

Should We Have Mandatory Flu Vaccinations at Our Facilities?

The SEIU Health and Safety team, accompanied by nurses from Healthcare PA, were over at the HHS in Washington, D.C., earlier this year, participating in a hearing/comment session to determine whether we should have mandatory flu vaccination in our healthcare facilities.