Workplace Violence

Ending Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence: Warning Signs

WVP SurveyViolence at the workplace is a serious problem, and should be identified, assessed, and controlled, just like any other workplace hazard.

Survey: How Safe Is Your Work Environment?

WVP SurveyA ten minute/ten question survey to learn how your workplace is or is not handling on-the-job-violence. Keep in mind that all surveys conducted on the SEIU Health and Safety website are 100% confidential.

Workplace Violence Is Not Part of the Job: A Nursing Phenomenon

WPS Deborah Bonn, the director of the Nurse Alliance of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, sent an email to more than 500 SEIU nurses about the recent cluster of tragic events facing nurses around the country. These events put a spotlight on the extent of violence against nurses and other healthcare workers. In one section of her email she writes, “Unfortunately, workplace violence won’t end by media attention alone…we should NOT BE OK with going to work knowing there’s a real possibility of getting hurt, traumatized or killed.”

Workplace Violence: Getting Heard

SEIU Healthcare Division staffer, Richard Negri, attended the Nurse Alliance of California’s Legislative Conference earlier this year where the primary focus of the conference was workplace violence prevention. In this article, he ties in the important subject matter at hand with online activism tools that are easy, free, and at most of our fingertips.